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A Letter to the Community—JUMP's Next Phase

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We're building something new......

JUMP Icon #1: Nike's Dominance in the Web3 Era

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Burn your JUMP Kick's Shoe Box to reveal this stories cover art...

Get your Jumper ID Badge—Member Profiles are Live!

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The badges are numbered based on when you create your profile. It's a free NFT that's airdropped to your walle...

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A Letter to the Community—JUMP's Next Phase

11 August 2023

We're building something new......

A Brief History of CRM and the Rise of WRM™

07 July 2023

CRM has come a long way, from rudimentary record keeping, to data-driven targeting and complex marte...

Exploring the Future of Crypto-Native Advertising

06 July 2023

With the advent of Web3 and its decentralized protocols, the advertising landscape is evolving, pres...

The 2023 U.S. Women's Open ArtBall NFT

06 July 2023

This unique collection of 3,010 ArtBalls, along with corresponding plots on Hole 17 at Pebble Beach ...

Future: Offchain and Onchain Music

06 July 2023

TikTok vs

JUMP World Tour

What is JUMP World Tour?

The World Tour will be hosting official JUMP satellite events around the leading web3 conferences each year. Our goal is to bring Sky Club members together, help accelerate our industry forward, build the JUMP brand, and have one heck of a good time!

Where is JUMP World Tour?

ETH Denver

( Mar 1-5 )

Denver, CO


( Apr 12-14 )



( Apr 26-29 )

Austin, TX

ETH Lisbon

( Oct 28-30 )

Lisbon, PRT

Art Basel

( Dec 7-9 )

Miami, FL

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